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“My experience with Elodie was exceptional.”
From the beginning, my experience with Elodie was exceptional. We live in Port Moody, and although Elodie doesn’t normally accept clients outside Vancouver, she agreed to work with us.

Elodie was incredibly supportive in giving us information that helped us make informed decisions about our baby’s birth. Our baby was born two weeks past her due date without medical induction. It was a big challenge for us to stand our ground against all the pressure from the medical establishment to induce her. Elodie directed us to numerous sources of information that supported our belief that babies would be born naturally in their own good time.

Elodie is such a warm and caring individual. We never felt rushed during our pre-birth visits with her, and we even had the pleasure of munching on fresh, home-made muffins during one visit. We found Elodie very well informed about every detail of pre and post-natal care.

Elodie was equally at ease supporting us in a home or hospital birth. She brought a birth pool to our house although we didn’t end up using it. My contractions started intensifying in the early evening and Elodie came to spend the night with us. I can’t imagine getting through that night without her. My labour was as smooth as it was because of Elodie and her sense of timing. She knew how and when to help me rest and also how to make my labour more active when the time came.

Elodie worked very professionally and cooperatively with my midwife, whom she’d never met before. Although it was my midwife who was responsible for the delivery, the real support and guidance came from Elodie.

After our baby was born, Elodie was once again a fountain of information about breast feeding, lactation consultants, and every other question we had.

We recommend Elodie without reservation.

— Tiffany Wainwright

“During my birthing time, Elodie was very encouraging”
Elodie was referred to us by our hypnobabies prenatal teacher. We wanted a doula who had a good understanding of the hypnobabies course so she could assist with it during our birthing time. It was also important to us to have a doula because neither my husband or I have family nearby, and we felt like we might need the extra support given it was the birth of our first child.

Most importantly to us, Elodie was 1) reliable, and 2) full of insight and great resources.

During my birthing time, Elodie was very encouraging and took to my ‘signals’ well, ie she knew when to just leave me in peace or when to really turn on the motivation! She also had a tens unit which was fantastic, and helped ease the intensity by pushing on my hips and rubbing my back.

The entire birthing time lasted 24 hours, and Elodie was there 4 hours after everything got started until 2 hours after Georgia was born. It was a LONG night, and she was absolutely my advocate at the hospital and, along with my midwives, was steadfast in ensuring we got the care we needed.

I should note that the entire time Elodie was there, she was very inclusive of my husband. During the birthing time, she would suggest things for him to do (he had no idea and, frankly, neither did i!) or things to say. She was absolutely the mother hen for us, and it was exactly what we needed.

After Georgia was born, we had trouble getting latched. She did not latch for 5 days, and it wasn’t until the 5th day when Elodie said “you know, how about you try having a bath with her?” and, voila, she latched. Elodie knew Georgia and I needed some skin on skin time. Elodie also referred us to a great lactation consultant to ensure our breastfeeding continued smoothly. She was open and available after Georgia was born, offering her time and energy far beyond that which was required or we had agreed on!

— Emily Key

We had a wonderful experience with Elodie being our Doula for the birth of our second baby. She was extremely supportive during the birth and with her help I had a wonderful unmedicated home birth. She is a dream to work with and I really appreciated her time and energy before, during and after the birth! I recommend it 100%
— Angela Van Tijn

“Our experience with Elodie before, during and after our daughter’s birth was FABULOUS”
When we met Elodie we knew instantly that having her very calm, steady and grounding energy coupled with her experience and competence would be wonderful and very reassuring. She was awesome at supporting my partner in very practical ways and took care of other things like food and linens so that my partner could focus on me. She was also wonderful at striking the balance between guidance and making suggestions along with creating the space that allowed us to organically figure out what we needed to be doing as a couple. She was also great at supporting our midwife once she arrived and creating that perfect bridge between doula and midwife which ensures that our needs as a couple and birthing mama are met.

Elodie was there for us for more than 24 hours and she never missed a beat. She was incredible at taking breath taking and very tasteful photos of my whole experience from beginning to end. To have these moments documented in such a beautiful and tasteful way means the world to us. The fact that Elodie is perfectly bilingual was also a huge asset for my partner who really benefited from being able to speak his mother tongue during this very special but very stressful time.

All in all our experience with Elodie before, during and after our daughter’s birth was FABULOUS. Having her there really impacted our experience in a positive way and we will be sure to request her services again when we are blessed with another little angle.

— Cherlyn McKay

“You truly are a Birthing goddess!”
Elodie, just wanted to say Thank You for being there for myself and my family throughout and beyond our journey to welcome our precious bundle of joy to this world.Your extensive knowledge and kind words of encouragement helped me believe in the kind of birth I always dreamt of.You were a great support not only for me but also my family, during and after the birth of our son.The pre- natal sessions we took with you helped us clear all our doubts and myths related to birth and kept us well informed about everything we needed to know as first time expectant parents. Your post partum visits, breast feeding tips and other resources have been a huge help! With your bag of tricks and a huge smile on your face you stood by us each time, and all I can say is we couldn’t have done this without your support. You truly are a Birthing goddess! I would recommend you in a heartbeat to any expectant family or friends!

— Prachi & Namit Lavekar

“Elodie rocks!”
Elodie rocks! She attended the home birth of our son and was of great help. She dedicated a lot of time and attention during the birth, the prenatal and the postpartum periods. She was very respectful of our choices and a great source of resources. During the birth, she connected very well with our midwife (what a team!), let my husband be my primary support (this is what we wanted) and ran everything else in the background, still offering physical and emotional support (use of the ribozo, massages, holding me, etc.). She knew when to be here but also to step aside to give us some space. Being francophone was a big asset: communicating in our birth language was natural and easier than in English- a treat, especially in those more than intense moments. I loved this birth and she was a key component of its success.

***Je recommande les services d’Élodie ! Sa chaleur, sa présence et son dévouement ont contribué à ce grand moment de bonheur***

— Emilie Delestrade

“I am so glad to have shared this experience with Elodie!”
Elodie was a fantastic help and great support during my first pregnancy. She is so sweet, kind and patient. We shared many hours together during my lengthy labour and she didn’t even take a break. Her kindness and support really helped me throughout my difficult labour. Elodie was always available to meet, pre & post delivery, and to take any calls or emails. As well, she provided me with numerous resources such as books, videos and website links to information that I found very useful. I am so glad to have shared this experience with Elodie!

— Chantal M

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