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Behavioral Changes Caused By Addiction

If you want to get rid of your addiction, then the simple solution is to stop taking the substance or stop attracting in the behaviour, which you are addicted to. However, stopping the addiction is not an easy task.  Also, it is not easy to recognize one thing that defines why conquering addiction is complicated. In some individuals, external stimulants or substances stipulates their body and make them have it more.  For other individuals, an addiction could be something different, and it is something like anxiety or trauma.

The individual is addicted and also suffering from a mental health issue, then this combination is called a synchronized disorder or a concurrent disorder. The Concurrent disorder can be challenging to conquer.

What is a concurrent disorder?

It is a combination of addiction and mental health issues. Many individuals who suffer from addiction also contain some mental health issues, which further make this disorder complicated, and also it is the most common one.

In some individuals, the behaviour issue occurs due to this combination of mental health issue and addiction that also causes stress. However, in some individuals, suffering from psychological and physical health issues may drive them to take drugs or causes destructive behaviour.

Detox Centre London

Examples of concurrent disorders:

Although people suffer from several types of concurrent disorders, some types of concurrent disorders are common than others, and here you can find some of the most common concurrent disorders.

Depression and addiction to substance are linked together. For instance, if an individual is depressed, he/she may start drinking alcohol as they considered as escape system.  On the other hand, if an individual drinks and also identifies that they have an issue, but they don’t know how to fix the problem, and they become depressed for not finding the solution.

Behavioural addiction linked to anxiety. For instance, a person addicted to video games, they get anxious when they are not at their comfort or computer because they are always thinking about their game. On the other hand, the anxiety increases when they know that they are ignoring their responsibilities, like work, chores, etc. and they will have to face the consequences.

It is important to take help if you or your loved one is suffering from depression or behavioural addiction at the best services. The Detox Centre London is just the place where you can get solutions for all your addictions.

Detox Centre London

The complexity of concurrent disorders:

The major difficulty of concurrent disorders is that they have addicted to multiple things and feel depressed for not finding the right solution. They try to be boundless, and they develop alcohol-depression. If a person is depressed, then he/she start drinking, and when they understand that they have an issue, then again they feel depressed. The individual tries to quit, but they fail to quit, and it makes them even more depressed, and again they start drinking.

Same with the video game-anxiety, the individual start playing more games when they get anxiety by staying away from a particular video game.  They try to avoid everything that they usually use do after they get addicted to video games. They cut all their social activities, friends, and relationships, and this can lead to isolation, and it increases anxiety. When the person gets anxiety, they choose to play video games, and the addiction continues. Try taking your loved ones to a rehab in London Ontario to help those individuals who don’t have control of their addiction.


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